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YRM old office In the spring of 1992 we moved into 5 Oakland Ave.
We first had to remove the old offices that were in what was going to be our layout room.
Later that summer we needed to get the main bench work up.
That's because the summer heat and humidity would expand the wood and we wanted to avoid any expansion problems later in the year.
We did experience some contraction in the cold winter but it wasn't too severe
YRM early benchwork
YRM Homosote surface on benchwork After all the "L" girders and risers were finished the next step was to put on the "Homosote". It's softer than wood but harder than cardboard and it's great for making large flat surfaces like towns and yards. Homosote is perfect for spiking down 'flex' track and needs only a little 'scenerizing' to make it look real.
The next step we did was to add the siding. We cut custom pieces from large sheets of door skin and molded them around the corners of the layout to give it that "Streamline" effect. The laying of the track began as well as the scenerizing of 'hills and cuts' using "Hydrocal" instead of "PlasterParis". YRM Side panels put on benchwork
YRM Hydrocal scenery put on the  layout The last of the bench work is complete and most of the "Hydrocal-ing" is done. The divider (made from 'drywall') is placed between Woodstock and Streetsville. Track laying continues as we purchase more 'flex-track' and construct more turn-outs.
Work begins on the backdrop while we add the custom-made trees (fabricated from the 'Yarrow Weed') to the scenery. The last of the 'Homosote' for London Yard is put in place and track-laying continues. All through this the electrical wiring is installed for the 'Mainline' and 'Passing Track' in the towns. YRM Trees added to scenery
YRM as it is today "York Railway Modellers as it is today."
With 100% of the track work and 95% of the wiring complete the hardest part now is to build the towns which includes a lot of 'Super-detailing'. The next problem will be finding the members to run the layout. We'll need at least a minimum of 25 members a night to run the layout properly.

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